Miniskeep seeks talented scribes!

We at Miniskeep have so much to share with the world but, alas, have neither the time nor enough peasants people to write it all down. This is why we’ve decided it’s past time to bring in more writers on board. Think you’re talented with the pen? Then we want you!

How will it work?

We will provide you with a headline or topic, and will give you complete freedom to research and write down an article on it.

We will let you know how many words each article should approximately be. Once you’ve finished writing it, we’ll look it over and edit it a bit if necessary. After that, the birds will fly and we’ll publish it (and add your name if you want; we value recognition).

Our target for most articles will be about 2000 words, but this may vary a bit. We will pay 2 cents per word, which amounts to about $40 per published article.

We value experience, and the more you write, the more you’ll be able to choose what to write about and how. We’ll also pay you more and probably ask you to write a certain amount of articles per month on a regular basis!

What we’re looking for:

Good writing

We don’t care if you’re a professional writer or not. Your actual writing skills are what matters.

Time availability

You need to have enough time to be able to write 2-4 articles with about 2000 words each per month, plus do the necessary research.


If you have a blog or wrote in the past, this is of course a plus, though how much we like your sample piece is still the deciding factor.


This will not be a permanent job with a salary. You will be paid for each article.

How to apply?

Just fill in the form below!

We will email back and agree on a sample piece for you to write. You will get paid for all published content (even the sample).