At MinisKeep, the health and wellbeing of our staff, their families and loved ones, our customers, and anyone else who could be affected by what we do is our top priority. 

MinisKeep has implemented a range of control measures summarised below and detailed in our individual risk assessments.
In determining these measures, MinisKeep will always follow all relevant official guidance in every territory in which we operate, and all measures will be kept under constant review.

Who should go to work?

  • Minimizing the number of staff where applicable
  • Ensuring that staff who display symptoms of COVID-19 do not come into work - and ensuring that staff are supported if and when this happens 
  • Having systems and structures in place to allow people who can, to work from home
  • Protecting colleagues who are at higher risk
  • Having procedures in place to help staff maintain social distancing while at their workplace
  • Fixed workstations, where distancing cannot be guaranteed, have had barriers installed to protect staff
  • Ensuring that only essential visitors and contractors come to warehouses and studios, and when they do, they follow the same rigorous controls as our own staff

Social Distancing in the Workplace

Maintaining a clean environment

  • Additional hand washing and sanitization stations in place
  • Double the frequency of cleaning at workplaces
  • Regular ventilation at workplaces and warehouses
  • Implement additional disinfection procedures of workstations after working hours
  •  Having a Social Distancing Policy in place detailing staff responsibilities 
  •  Appropriate audits are in place to help ensure adherence to control measures
  • A monitoring program to ensure compliance with risk controls
  • Communication via posters, announcements, training, and briefings 

Management and Supervision

Risk evaluation and Results 

Based on our evaluation of the effectiveness of the current controls, the risks associated with COVID-19 are considered to be reduced to as low as reasonably practicable across all our warehouses and studios.